Tuesday, April 7, 2009

life update

ok so i realize this is my 3rd post today, but somedays are that way. I wanted to give updates on life as well as on the basement.

Simon is 4 weeks old today. HORRAY! He is beautiful as ever and growing so quickly and being so strong and brave. He hasn't had an episode since the 18th of March. His appt with Dr. Butterfield at Primary Children's is this week--the 9th at 1pm. He's still on 1.7 ml IV concentration of phenobarb everyday, and doesn't even put up a fight. When we refilled the script I made the mistake of doing it at Harmons, and they didn't have the IV concentration, and thus put him on like 4.25 ml...that did not go over well at all, so Dr. Gagner called in a new script to McKay Dee's pharmacy and we'll have it filled there from now on. The 2 days he took that 4.25 ml were horrid! Joye was a sweetheart and picked up the meds for us so that he didn't have to endure anymore massive doses. The IV solution isn't nearly as stinky as the regular kind. *shudder* I wasn't even tasting it and it made me shudder. Simon is sleeping much better at night. By about 1am he's down until 5 or 6am, wakes to eat and then is back asleep until 8:30 or 9am.

Ava's doing so so so much better lately. She's back to a daily nap, and doesn't even need to be taken for a car ride to do so. She's taken on voluntarily every day for about a week--hopefully I don't curse myself here--she also is back to a sane bedtime, out by 10pm. She is a great help with Simon, getting diapers, letting me know when he's crying (haha) and giving Simon lots of kisses. Today, she was invited to participate in an egg hunt with Hayden and Co. How sweet is that? Lana was super excited to help Ava find eggs and made sure she got all 13! Rylee took a turn holding Simon today and Hayden and Kate gave Simon kisses. It was way cute!

This past Saturday, I went over to mom's house for a bit to give Chris some down time. I also snuck over to visit Karlie and Dan for a while. I left Ava with mom, since her cousins were all there playing with her. Dan was pretty much my best friend-along with Dree-my sophomore year of college, and we stayed in touch really well until he got married and I started my moving spree and haven't really been in touch for the last 4 years...and although Karlie and I are daily facebook bff, we'd never really met face to face. They live just down the road from my parents, oddly enough. It was so much fun. Their kids are so adorable and Jay is just so excited about every moment of everything. He insisted on helping me feed Simon, and did a champion job of holding the bottle. Before I knew it, I'd been there 2 hours, and so I headed back to mom's to check on Ava. Aves and I headed back home about an hour later, she was asking to go to sleep, telling me she was sleepy and tired. I can't wait for Aves to meet Karah and Jay, because I know they're going to be great buddies and exhaust us beyond all exhaustion we've ever known.

Ava is passed out on the floor--ahhh to be 2. Well 5pm...time to start working on dinner!

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