Sunday, April 12, 2009

fair thee well my love

It seems that despite the intense truffle cravings I had during my pregnancy, consuming more than a single brownie, or candy bar makes my milk not only difficult for Simon to digest, but he refuses to eat it all together. At least, I think that's what the issue is lately. I noticed when we had chocolate ice cream, and I had a healthy helping...that Simon would fuss a LOT while nursing later that day and have gas issues. Then, Angie made me these fabulous brownies upon my request (i am shameless) and I had 3 of them in a 24 hour period. Simon went on a hunger strike and screamed from 10pm-2am. As much as I love chocolate--and have a severe addiction, the pain that Simon goes through, and the sleep that I lose are not worth it. I am going to go a week free--and if he nurses better, and the freak outs end, the I know I'm onto something.'s 11:30, and he's sleeping, not crying so far, my theory is right. Even though it means a year of little to no chocolate, I really hope that I'm right, because that 3 hour cry is so sad, and if I'm wrong, then it means I have no clue what could be causing his pain.

Karlie and her kids (Jay 3 and Karah 18 months) came over Saturday for a play date. Um, it was the best play date ever, no offense to others that Aves and I have play dates with. There were no fights-no melt downs-no power struggles-a day of miracles if I do say so. They came up from 1-5 and then we followed them back to Salt Lake so that Dan and Chris could meet. Karlie made this fabulous black bean soup---mmmmm so delicious! We hung out until 9:30 when Karlie and I were pretty much pinching eacother to stay awake, and yet the kids were still going strong. 8 hours of playing together without a single screech. Sure there were a half dozen "NO!" to eachother, but nothing like what we experience on a daily basis with our kids alone, let alone when we have play dates. I guess the only way to see if it was a fluke is to get together again ... and soon. haha. yes! Pictures to be uploaded at a later time, because I'm too tired to do so now.

Ok must pump and then attempt to get some sleep before Simon wakes.


Fike's Lives said...

I had the same problem with Mark at first, so I went on a chocolate fast for about 6 weeks, then slowly introduced it to my system again. He didn't have nearly as many problems the second time around.

Simon Sanchez Family said...

As we share an Oreo ice cream cake from my Birthday party this weekend (topped with hot fudge), we lament your withdrawal symptoms. But we have heard that it's very common that babies get upset tummies when moms eat chocolate! Good thing Johanna doesn't like it!
We recommend you enjoy juicy fruits instead, like mango, cantaloupe, kiwi, and of course, watermelon! Just don't butcher the watermelon like dad does...I swear it tastes better when it knows it's been cut with care. You can try the salpic├│n that Johanna makes by using OJ as the base.
But try it! Every time you crave chocolate, try a rich-tasting fruit or a handful of almonds! That'll even pass good stuff on to your Simon!

Kiralyn said...

If it was breastfeeding or chocolate I would def have to let the breastfeeding go!! Good thing I never did have to make that choice-I guess our setbacks are sometimes our blessings! ;)

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