Monday, April 27, 2009

Simon's blessing

Yesterday Simon was blessed in church. My mom worked very hard to make him his suit.

We have 9am church, which is great when it comes to Ava's nap schedule, but that meant that a lot of our family was up and in route by 7:30 to make it in time. Karlie and Dan even came up--despite really short notice and being up passed midnight the night before with their little girl, Karah. The blessing was really beautiful, and we had a great testimony meeting. My family stays for all of church, so we did too. Jay and Karah went to nursery with Ava and did GREAT! We did not plan for Ava and Jay to match, but you can bet we took full advantage of it and made them pose for cute pictures together. <3>

We had great family come too. All the new babies were together. We had tons of kids here...I think we counted 10. Caydon, Jonah, Davis, Julia, Jay, Eli, Ava, Bryant, Melyn, Simon. A bit loud, and we had some issues. Eli was very tired and ended up biting Jay--see the band aid?We had all the Cope grandkids together so we snapped a photo. It was towards the end of the fun, so they are all a bit tired. Even though Jeff and Julie weren't able to make it down in time for the blessing, they stopped by later that night to visit Simon!

It was a super awesome day, and I want to thank everyone for coming!!!


Blake said...

It looks like it was a fantastic day for sure! It is nice when family can come and support you at the sacrifice of early morning hours!

carolee said...

the suit is so cute

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