Wednesday, May 13, 2009

somebody call me a waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-mbulance

I haven't slept more than 4 hours at a time in almost a week.
Thursday-my birthday. we got home from hanging with family about 10:30. We put the kids to bed and I headed to wal*mart-by myself-note that this is my first time anywhere alone since Simon was born. I got home about 1am. This was my last night of decent sleep. We took off friday the 8th from work--so we took the morning relatively slow. We went to I-hop for breakfast and then ran some errands. I got my CAMERA and we headed to Salt Lake for a family party. We left there about 7, picked up my brother's groomsmen tuxes in Provo and headed out to Vernal. We got to our hotel about 11:45pm. Ava had slept the whole way to the hotel and was thoroughly freaked out that we were sleeping in a strange place. She finally crashed about 2 am. I fell asleep. Simon is a NOISY sleeper, and also did not seem keen to the new enviornment and insisted on being in the bed right on my chest or would cry. He also got up to nurse about every hour. Saturday was wedding day. Get up, get breakfast, because scary hotel didn't provide any and get everyone showered for the wedding. Do Ava's hair, do Simon's outfit...oh crap curl my hair and throw on only 1/2 my make up. Yeah, the lips and eyelashes got forgotten and it created a strange look that's for sure. Oh--and look Ava decided to wear 4 pounds of bronzer. grab wipes and begin to clean the layers off her face. get in the car and see that the hotel clocks ran 10 minutes slow so we are going to be late to the sealing. Dash into the temple--reverently--and see no babysitters. Send Chris with kids to find sitters and go into the sealing just in time. YEAY my brother is married. Go find kids, change Ava into real dress and do Julia's hair. Pam breaks all bride records and is ready in like 10 minutes. CRAZY! Rush rush rush--2 hours of family pictures--lunch---more pictures--and back to the hotel for a nap--oh wait, never mind...we don't need no stinking naps. Go back to the reception center and Ava falls asleep in the parking lot--send chris back to the hotel with her so she'll get a nap and go inside with Simon. Steve and Pam stand in receiving line for 2 hours. No cake cutting ceremony---it was FAKE wedding cake--cruel. No flower tossing. Just sitting and standing. Go back to the room about 11:30 sleep with the same issues as night before. Come home Sunday-change clothes go out to Sandis for mothers' day. Play play play play play Simon doesn't sleep well. Monday night Ava wakes up at 12am and is up until 5:30 ithcing a rash. Oh look I have one too now. GREAT! She falls asleep in time for Simon to get up. yeay. Ava sleeps till 11:30 and is up. Play outside, mommy works and about 3:30 starts to lose her mind. Pack kids in car to save sanity. Ava falls asleep at 8pm when Simon wakes up. Simon falls asleep at 11pm and so does mommy. Cue 2:30am when Ava knocks on her door. I go in with milk and am kept hostage with threats of screaming (please dont' wake the baby) until 5:30am when Simon wakes up. I leave a FINALLY snoring Ava to get Simon and start all over again. I'm a zombie man.


Blake said...

sometimes sleep studies are a good thing cus it forces you to sleep. Poor girl, we hope you are able to sleep very soon!

Mom's sure to sacrifice a lot huh!

Bilary said...

That just sucks! I wish they understood how lucky they have it when they are small and can sleep whenever they want. The stinkers!