Saturday, May 30, 2009


Ava has become a total insomniac. Last night, she stayed up until almost 2am, and was up this morning at 8. The two nights previous, she was going down about 9:30 or 10pm and then waking at 1am wanting one of us in the bed with her. Chris and I took shifts, and although she would stay in her bed quiet, she was wide awake until 6am and then up playing by 9am. Is this normal for a 2 year old? Any tips on how to get her to stay asleep? I don't' mind being in there with her if she's sleeping, but I'm worried about her health, because she's only getting like...5 hours of sleep.


Blake said...

didnt she do something like this before.

Maybe she is having growing pains and is awake at night and just doesnt whine about pain. More likely the only child now first child is seeking out special attention. I say it should go back to normal soon. Trying giving her more special attention in the day even if it is just to read for 10 minutes or something. I bet you two are so busy it will be hard.

Best of luck with it! Let me know if I can help with anything from a far. I would help from a close if i was a im tired what did i just say.

daiseymae said...

I agree it is probably just a phase. A new thing to get attention she feels is going to the beby instead of her.

If you want to encourage it to stop sooner a sticker chart might work. Find some cute stickers she would like and tell her she gets to put one on her chart every time she sleepa all through the night by herself. Maybe even offer a prize (a trip to Mc Donalds, or to the park, or a special toy or game) after she gets X amount of stickers on her chart. If you get excited about the chart she will be too.

Hope that helps. all our kids went through similar phases not too long after a new sibling arrived. It would be good to make sure she isn't sleeping durring the day past 3:00, or better yet have her get up from her nap at 2 and don't let her do anything that would allow her to relax enough to fall back asleep (like movies) until after 8pm.

Let me know if you need any help.