Monday, May 4, 2009

happy birthday to ME

For my birthday and mother's day this year Chris is getting me a Nikon d40!!! Its my very first SLR, and they say this is the best for beginners....of course my DREAM is a d300 but $2500 for a camera just isn't necessary at my skill level or in my budget. I never realized that when I would snatch Dave's camera at weddings and stuff that I was "playing" with about $5,000 of camera and accessories. Now that I know that I'm really glad that I never dropped it etc as I tend to be quite clumsy. In any case, I'm excited to start learning the ways of the SLR and hopefully start a kid photography thing on the side. I LOVE photographing kids--they are so full of life. here are some of my favorites from when I worked at a day care--these kids were all about 2 years old and are now....about 6 or 7. weird. I miss them!
Aiden-Brandon-Leah and Matthew. Leah was in my class--and the boys were in my mom's.

this is Zack. He was in my class and even though he was almost 2 had only like 4 teeth. He was SO adorable, and one of my favorite to photograph.

Aiden again! I acutally won an award for that photo. woot!

This is Julia with Leah. Their moms were bff too! These girls were my favorite!
and little zackie again. SO much fun! I'm excited to start back up again.

This is Isabella and Julia again.

This is Aku and Abby-they were from my mom's class. "so uh...come here often?"

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daiseymae said...

Those pictures are great. you do a good job.

When is/was your birthday??? I didn't know you had one comming. Well happy birthday anyway. I would be excited for the camera too. I really want a nice one too, but the key word there is want... right now it's nothing but needs at our house, even for birthdays and Mothers day. Another year maybe. I'm excited for you.