Tuesday, May 19, 2009

rough rundown

Ok it's 12:30am and I'm exhuasted so here's a rundown. Today was Simon's 2 month appointment.


weight--12.55 pounds
length--23 inches
head--40.5 cm

yeay!!! He was given an oral vaccine and 3 others through shots. He did cry for a moment, but calmed down rather quickly and handled the whole ordeal like a champ. He didn't scream at the doctor when she examined him at all. He even gave her little 1/2 smiles. He's been SO super smiley lately---especially to Chris. He has also started talking in the car. With a vocal sister like Aves, I'm sure he'll be a babbler.

Ava went out to play with her friends Madison and Grace for a while today. I found the sun screen and sprayed her down and put her in the UV swim top we bought her. I tried to stay out with her, but the nearing 90 temps were giving me headaches and made me feel totally sick. the plan was for Chris to bring home a new filter so that we could run the AC. I went out for one saturday, but he told me the wrong measurement, so the ones I bought were no good. As fate would have it, he had to work late. By the time he got home, the house was so hot, that the thermostat needle was beyond numbers. About 90 degrees. He switched air filters shot on the AC and about an hour later, the house main floor was down to 85 degrees. Let's not discuss the temps of the bedrooms. We went to Big Lots and bought Ava a matress for her bed. We had to return the one Russ so awesomely let us borrow for a few months. The one we got is super comfy--Serta! W00t! It's nice to have her back in a twin bed. I think she'll sleep much better. I totally thought that since she'd played outside most of the day in the hot hot sun, that she'd crash early, but the little stink was up past 10pm. I finally called Chris to help--because I was the only one who seemed interested in sleeping (and yet, here I am, still awake. irony) Chris took Ava upstairs to her new comfy bed and *bam* Simon crashed...hmmm I wonder if there's a connection?? ;)
Once Simon tanked, I took him upstairs and was able to start cleaning the kitchen. Every night I clean that room up and every afternoon it's a total contestant for CLEAN HOUSE--as in ewwwww seriously? I spent about an hour in there, and then pumped. I also got the living room tidy. I did collect a basket full of random stuff--but it's off the floor and can be put away at another time. I vaccumed the carpet, and now feel much better about the house. I also got a load of laundry done. Little bye little. Tomorrow is the first day of Alex coming to spend the afternoon with Ava. We'll see how it goes. If I'm able to be productive with the time and how Ava responds to her vice versa. I think it'll go well. I hope. ok well the house is now about 75 on the main floor...guessing 80 in my room...and doubt it'll get much cooler...so off to bed.

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