Saturday, May 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Chris!

Today Chris turned 28. Ava was SO excited about there being a birthday in the house, that she started wishing her daddy a HAPPY BIRTHDAY yesterday. She and I set out early this morning, leaving the boys to sleep in. We got daddy flowers for the yard and Ava picked out a HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD balloon. I mowed the lawn so that Chris could have the week off. Um, wow, I'm really glad that isn't something I have to do every week. It's quite exhausting.
My folks called and offered to meet us in SL so that we could see a movie and the kids could go to Ava's favorite place, the ZOO!
Chris and I saw Star Trek. He's been dying to see it; moping that "everyone has seen it but me! Let's face it, the movie pretty much rocks! Afterward, we headed to HAPPY SUMO for some fabulous sushi. I'm not a lover of fish, let alone raw fish, however, Chris has introduced me to a select few sushi choices that I not only tolerate, but enjoy. I did, however, chicken out and went for chicken skewers. I did sample his rainbow sushi, and it was one that I will definitely get again.
Tomorrow we'll do birthday cake with his family. Ava is loving daddy's birthday week. If she happens to wish you happy birthday as well, don't be surprised.

I could list all the sappy things I love about him--I just tried, but it was almost....forced. I'm just going to say that he's an incredible man, and 98% of the day, I admit that he's way better than I deserve ;)

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