Sunday, June 26, 2011

Learning Station

Just over a month ago, Ava graduated from her first year of preschool with Miss Eve. Ava loved going to her class every Tuesday and Thursday. She learned-beyond just ABCs and writing her name, that listening, and sharing and singing are all vital elements in life. Sadly, we missed registration for the 11-12 year, and so she won't be going back. She misses school so much, and often asks if Miss Eve will come to her birthday party. I miss her preschool too. She's so bored. I have her enrolled to go to Bravo preschool in the fall, but as time goes on, I fear that it will be something we won't be able to fit into the budget. It's 3 days a week and about $100 a month. They really do need scholarships for this stuff. I mean, her Bravo teacher said she was ready for kindergarten, but due to being born in December, she has another year of preschool. Emotionally, she is probably in need of the extra time. Academically, however, she is so ready. It's frustrating. The hardest part is knowing that as a parent, I'm completely unprepared for her being this smart. Seriously. I didn't study early childhood education. I have no idea. So we do workbooks, and worksheets, and read books and sing, but I'm just scared that I'm not offering her what she needs. I knew there'd be drawbacks to marrying such an incredibly brilliant man---really smart kids. Any ideas on what you've been doing to keep your kids brains going during the summer?

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