Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sarcastic Journalist-

I love to read the entries of the sarcastic journalist on babygaga.com

Being pregnant with twins is amazing, and I swear puts every symptom about 2 weeks ahead of schedule. So many hormones. Lately, I've been emotionally unstable. Seriously. I'm pretty sure I beat Simon this week in tantrums and it's only Tuesday. My poor kids. Anyway, I've been thinking about doing water aerobics. Every day I've been walking a mile. (1/2 mile each way to holt) with my kids at the minimum. Seriously, it kicks my butt. The energy is just not there. That's why this article today really had me rollin. I'm 13 weeks 3 days

Just enough energy to FREAK OUT

“They” say that your energy should start coming back during the second trimester. For me, having “energy” meant having the ability to get off the couch and make it to the kitchen to get the cookies instead of asking someone else to do it for me.

After a first trimester where rearranging the pillow behind my head seemed like too much effort, I would take any type of energy I could. That’s why, at 15 weeks, I joined a gym.

Getting anything done at the gym often took more effort than the activity I planned on doing. First I’d have to pee about five times, just to make sure I had it all out. Then, I’d weigh myself. I’d have a sip of water. Oh wait, I’d have to pee again.

Eventually, I’d make it to the workout area or the pool, depending on what activity I had planned for that day. Once there, I’d have my hormonal freakout because either the TVs were tuned to the “wrong” station or annoying children were playing in my swim lane.

At one point, I actually had to give myself a “time out” so I wouldn’t cause permanent damage to the young boys playing Marco Polo.

Sure, exercise can produce “endorphins” that might help with all the pregnancy “hormones,” but dealing with all the wahoos at the gym sure cancelled them out.


Becca said...

Dude I can't imagine working and having 2 kids while being pregnant. With Bryant I pretty much slept or threw up all day. ha. Let me know if you need to drop off the kids at my house for a day.

Ps. How was Le Mis? I'm so jealous..

Carson Knaphus said...

Twins? How did I not even know you were pregnant?! Oye..I am so out of the loop.

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