Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Never Ending To Dos....

We are getting ready to sell the house again. This time, however, we will be leaving and then staging. There is a list that seems never ending in cost and energy to do before we are ready though. But, the upside is that when we're all done, the house should be perfect for the new owners.
Yesterday I power washed the fence. I spent the first...oh 2 hours not realizing I was using the power washer wrong, and only harnessing like 1/2 the power. Yeah. Dumb moment for Deb. Thankfully, Chris came home to check on me, and fixed the problem, and then 2 hours later, the fence was done. I'm sunburned, despite the sunscreen I sprayed on myself.
We also have been working on removing the morning glory. oh morning truly NOT glorious you are. We've also been cleaning up the rock RV pad and digging up dirt to smooth it out.
Next up is power raking, reseeding and weed n feed for the yard, along with some new flowers to color up the yard.
We'll throw up a fence in a couple of weeks too.
Once we move out, we'll do the inside work. We are hiring out the roof repairs, tile job and putting in a closet in the basement room. I don't even want to see the invoice or bid for that. I just don't. But we both feel that this is the right move for us.

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B-Blogit said...

oh gravy! I feel like i go through life with my power washer only on 1/2 power! I totally know how you feel! Good luck with the repairs I hope it sells fast!!

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