Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I know that winter in Utah is necessary. It comes every year, and yet...as it approaches year after year I am still mystified by how incredibly dark it is at 7am. And this week is still in the mid 60s for high temps. I don't really think it should be ok for the world to be so very dark at 7am. It throws me every time. every morning, I'm sure it must be 4am, and sure enough it's not. I would not survive Alaska or any other region that spends most of the day as night. I need the sun to function. Northern Cali anyone? Mostly I'm bugged, because it's getting cold and I own zero winter maternity clothes. "But deb", you say, "your other kids were born in the winter months." Oh yes, this is true. But let's Rewind to April, when I was so confident we were done having kids that I donated all of my maternity tubs to the DI during one of our "clean the garage" escapades. I'm sure the twins and Heaven were having a good laugh at that decision. So I say, rock on warm fall. I'm good with the delay of temps below 65.......forever really...but at least until mid-November.

Last night, I started the Aqua Moms water aerobics that Melissa has been talking up for months. Let me tell you--it was a lot of fun, and felt great...until about 2am when my right arm began to cramp. SON OF A! It's still in pain. and it's 7:30am.

Yes, this entire post is meant to be a whine-fest. So, if that's what you're thinking...you're on the right track 100% and should probably bow out now.


Fike's Lives said...

I just got rid of all my boys clothes earlier this year, fulling expecting that this baby is a girl. I will have a panic attack if it turns out to be a boy

Becky said...

deb, you're hilarious! seriously sucks about the cold weather coming on - haaate. we need to have a neighborhood clothing swap. i'm sure SOMEONE has something you could borrow.

Amanda K said...

hahaha. Don't tell me that! I've given away all of my maternity clothes, too! {I'm going to take an extra dose of birth control right about now :)}

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