Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Before this pregnancy, I had never heard of TTTS. Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome. Even after I was warned that I may have this condition, I couldn't even remember the name of it to google what the Fetal Medicine people had been talking about.

It's rare. Identical twin pregnancies have a birth rate of 3 in every 1000 deliveries. Of those pregnancies, they say only 10% of Identical pregnancies contract TTTS.

That being said, since my diagnosis, I have come to realize I knew 3 families who also have had a battle with TTTS. In my current circle of friends and family. Three. My Maternal Fetal doctor has seen SIX cases this year in his office. Think of that. TTTS kills twice as many babies each year than SIDS. Suddenly the odds aren't so great that it'll pass over the one you love.

Take time to learn about TTTS. Not all physicians are skilled to treat this condition-in fact only a handful are trained and of those only one has a 94% success rate of saving one baby and 73% success rate of saving both. Dr Ramen Chmait. None of the other institutions track their progress as individuals. Do your homework to know the best team for your loved ones! Fight for multiple ultrasounds for pregnancies of multiple babies. Without constant monitoring, this condition can go unnoticed-and untreated, resulting in the death of one, but most likely both babies. December 7 is TTTS Awareness Day. Become AWARE! It could save the life of people you love!

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