Friday, August 15, 2008

Super WHY?!?!?!?!?!?!

So, Ava loves the show Superwhy! She likes to dance to the music and say the letters when they draw them...etc. I like it too, because it has a lot of educational quality, and isn't crazy like 98% of the stuff on TV for kids these days. However, the past week they have shown the same episode OVER AND OVER AND OVER. I feel like I'm stuck in Groundhog's day. When did I become Bill Murry. oh goodness.

Hilary has made Dominos seems so awesome, that Chris and I have decided to switch from our beloved Papa Johns to give Dominos a shot. I can't eat it...but Chris and Ava did. They loved it. They were here like 20 minutes after I submitted an online order. Gotta love that! We got kickers too...which holy cow are now my favorite thing in the world. YUM YUM YUM! I think they have won our love!

Today is the ultrasound--as long as there aren't any emergency c-sections during my appt. I'm so excited. Will my twin dream be true?? Will I turn out to be one of those crazy ladies who convinces herself she is pregnant..and has all the signs, but an empty uterus--oh gosh I hope not. GAAAAAAAAA INTENSE!

I'm working through the temper tantrum phase with Ava. She usually only has one if she's very tired...or hungry and I just haven't gotten the message. I don't want her to be mean to kids. I can't handle mean kids. My mom said that kids her age usually freak out when they have an overload of emotions. They are feeling more than they can communicate. Fabulous. Seeing as how I still feel more than I can communicate sometimes, I think this phase may be a long one. If anyone has any ideas on how I can handle these situations, whether they are here in our home, or when we're out playing with friends, I'd love to learn from you.

Last night I went through my closet and put away the clothes that either I never fit back into after Ava...or that I don't wear anyway...and put up the maternity clothes. YIKES! I know...I'm jumping the gun a tad, but when I get the energy I really need to monopolize on it, because I can go daaaaaaaaaays with no energy lately. I love our new closet system. It keeps everything so organized. It's the only sane place in our house. I have dreams of finishing the basement so all of Avas toys can move down there, and then my living room will be free of crayons and monkeys that scream when you step on them...oooooooooh the dream. the framing is done, and we have the's just getting Chris to finish the electrical. He's got most of the stuff, but the poor guy doesn't have a moment to spare these days. Dream a little dream ....

Well if I'm going to get Ava's nap in before the dr. appt this afternoon, I need to get her down in the next 2o minutes....cross your fingers


Candace said...

Hey there! I hope everything went well today at the doctors.

I can't wait until our basement is finished oneday as well. But I am a little nervous for when that day comes, because that means cleaning out everything that is down there in storage! Yikes!

Bilary said...

Okay, how did your appointment go? I hope everything looks good. Twins??? Oh, for your sake, I hope not. I can't even imagine twins! Yikes! (I guess that would just be double the fun!:))

Glad your family like Domino's! We love 'em!

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