Monday, August 4, 2008

Gross Alert

I'm going to try to not make this disgusting. But I keep thinking about it, and I hope that if I write it down, it'll be out of my brain and I can move on.
Ok...last night, I had a horrid experience. The past few days have been really bad-as far as sickness is concerned. Good in every other aspect though. I have never known such painful bodily ejection of consumed foods. It almost feels when you get food poisoning that it's really violent, and the body just squeezes until you're pretty sure that A. you're going to pass out from the inability to inhale, or B. Your head will pop off from the pressure. I was pretty sure both things were going to happen, and embarrassingly while my family was over. It seems that if I lie on the couch and keep my movement minimal, then I am able to control the nausea, and keep myself from making offering to the porcelain god. However, when I attempt to clean...weed...or be productive above sloth status, that's when things go south. Yesterday, I folded laundry, cleaned my kitchen and prepared dinner. Also, we attended Lucy's first birthday-which was a total blast, but left me weak, and completely sick. I knew my family was coming over and I wanted it to be fun, so I took deep breaths, didn't eat very much dinner and just attempted to enjoy their company...which worked for a while...until....*shudder*
I cannot explain the horrific feeling it is to relive pot roast and cooked carrots. All I can say, is that while this was one of my top 10 favorite meals, I'm not sure that I will ever enjoy the texture or taste of it ever again. It was my 2nd offering of the day...and it was a mighty generous one. It seemed my body would not be content until not only the entire contents of my stomach had been offered up, but each and every organ as well. I was so embarrassed when Chris told me they could hear me the whole time...gasping, offering, gasping, offering. And even haunts me still. I made my mom take all the left overs, so that I wouldn't have to look, see, or smell any of it. Although, this morning I noticed a bowl of the carrots in my fridge and shuddered. At the end of the day...this is a good sign right?

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Becca said...

Oh poor Deb!!! That is such a horrible feeling. I hate it. The worst is when you feel like you can't breathe I think. I love the pics of nat's wedding you posted. fun! Travis and I are off to Tennessee for 2 weeks cause his Grandma is really sick. I am afraid to get on the plane and vomit :)

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