Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ava was up at 4am today. The benadryl seems to do absolutely nothing for her itchiness, just knocks her out. So, when she didn't want any at 4am, I didn't force it on her. I just redrenched her in caladryl lotion and gave her a milk. She stayed up playing with me and Chris until she crashed at 8:30. I passed out for about 30 minutes until I got my first call of the day, and work hasn't stopped since. Ava only slept about an hour and then was up playing and being adorable. The hives-apart from being ridiculously itchy, don't seem to alter her activity level at all. She played until 2:30, when I gave her a dose of benedryl and she passed out. I can't handle drugging my kid every 6 hours. Once a day is all I can handle. She's going crazy from staying inside so much. She is used to about 2-3 hours of outside play everyday, but since I don't know if she is contagious or not, I have kept her in. I don't like to spread germs, when I can help it.

Work has been INSANELY busy this week. I think buzz about the new laws passing in September has everyone wanting to collect as much info from their Title Companies as they can while it's still legal. I don't blame them, but man alive I can barely breathe. I like it, don't get me wrong. It beats boredom. That's for sure.

I'm going to go make cocoa--don't judge. I love it! No matter what the season.

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Bilary said...

I hope she gets feeling better quick! How is the rash? Is it getting any better? I hope things get back to normal for both of you soon!

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