Monday, August 18, 2008


I could not find my keys for a good 15 minutes, as we were getting ready to head to the doctor's appointment--which meant that my time for dropping Ava at Nana Joye's was depleted. I finally found them hidden under a box on the counter and we dashed out the door. Thanks to many of Utah's companies switching to 4 day work weeks, the roads were packed with people. HOLY COW the traffic was insane for a Friday @ 2:30. Seriously...where are they all going? Ava fell asleep in the car--her first nap of the day...and I carried her up to the McKay Dee doors and she woke up in the elevator. I got there right at 3:00--which was the time my appt was scheduled. PHEW! Chris showed up about 5 minutes later. And we sat.....and sat....and sat...and at about 4:00 they called us back. They had me get undressed and put on the sheet thing to wait for the doctor, telling me it would be a couple of minutes....4:45...she walks in. Seriously...I had to sit with no pants for 45 minutes. It was worth it though to finally get to see my baby. The heart was beating so fast, and it actually looked like a baby with little hands and feet. At first, Ava was not happy about a doctor getting so closet to me, but when Doc pointed to the screen of the baby, Ava made the cutest face of surprise to me. and said "Woah. cool!" haha so cute!

There was only one. YEAY! I am 10 weeks along as of today. My due date is March 16th. Since I had complications with Ava's labor...and needed an emergency Cesarean, my doc recommended we plan on a c-section this time too. I am totally relieved, because from what I've heard of vaginal birth recoveries....ugggh c-section is the way to go. The coolest part is, they set up all my appt that night when we left. I mean, October 27th I find out the sex of my baby. She said they'll schedule me for surgery about a week before the due date. It's pretty nice to know when each appointment will be etc. Ava is singing into the vacuum extension hose. hahaha

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Bilary said...

So glad your appointment went well. I hope things continue to progress well for you and the baby. It's always so fun to see the first pictures of your baby. So reassuring. I'm happy for you - that you were able to see your baby and see that everything is going well.:)

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