Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Crazy Day

I'm so very tired, so this may not be long, or it may be ridiculously long. Today I had horrific cramps. Kristina was so sweet to take Ava for pretty much the entire morning and some of the afternoon. I went in for a blood test around 12:30. I picked up Ava at 1, and found her so happy and not at all wanting to be going home with her mommy. Ella was showing her an awesome time! Ava went right down for a nap--another sure fire sign that she had a rockin day with Ella; and Chris came home around 3. I left and went up to McKay Dee for my --what is becoming average wait time of 2 hours to see the doc. They did an ultra sound and saw that the baby is still there, and heart beating. All the fluids looked good around the baby. So they are testing my blood and urine for infections etc as to why I would be so sick and so painfully crampy since the pregnancy seems fine.

Leah was also rushed to McKay Dee today. She's been really sick with what we all thought was a bad case of the flu, but it turns out she has a blood clot in her brain. WHAT?!?! How insane is that? They are keeping her there overnight, and are going to try to dissolve it with meds there, and if that doesn't work they will transfer her to U of U hospital. Wow. Imagine how relieved they must be that they decided to go to the ER instead of wait around for the "flu" to pass. She's only 27 and randomly gets a brain blood clot. wow. update--I called Joye at 9:15 tonight to see if there were any updates on Leah. They've determined that she suffered a small stroke--possibly on Friday which is what triggered the flu-like symptoms. She doesn't seem to have permanent damage, but they do believe that the vertigo she's been experiencing may be permanent. Your prayers on her behalf would be greatly appreciated.

The cramps haven't returned since about 4pm. Horray for that! I am super tired though. So off to bed....poor Chris. He's been on duty longer than he's used to...


kris said...

No problem! Ava was a doll! I'm so glad things are fine with the baby. I hope you got some rest!

Bilary said...

Holy cow, you had a great day, didn't you! I'm sorry about the cramping, but I am glad things look good with the baby. Are you feeling better now?

Yeah, I have a cold or something. Who knows. But I'm good. Thanks for asking!

Crawford Family said...

Congrats on being pregnant! I heard from Kira down here at education week. I'll let you know when we plan our trip to the zoo.

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