Thursday, August 14, 2008

Fruit Snacks

Hey...if anyone finds yummy fruit snacks for under $2 a box, let me know. I know Albertsons recently had a 10 for $15 deal, but I missed out on it. Ava loves these, and do I. But, I really can't justify spending $2.50 for 8 pouches of fruit snacks. yikes.

My hormones for emotional craziness has set in. Again, yikes. Just want to send a thank you to Chris for his hugs and love, and for Ava trying her best to make me laugh when she sees me crying for no reason at all. She tickles me, twirls, and does every cute thing possible until I smile and then she gives me hugs and kisses. She's so gentle and full of love.

I have a fabulous family. I am so blessed.

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Bilary said...

Oh, don't worry at all about Hayden. He's fine. I was worried about you when you left. But really, you don't need to feel bad. No big deal!:)

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