Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Katherine Tagged Me...here goes

7 random facts about me:

1. I can pop my toes without touching them and do it habitually about 7 billion times a day
2. When I am singing in a group of people I like to sing the tenor line up an octive. My choir director in college--Ms. Meg Chapman had me do it in Nearer my God to Thee and I've been addicted ever since. It's so awesome.
3. I had my first real growth spurt at 18 while in college. I grew 3 inches in a summer. finally passing that 5' mark
4. When I was a teen, I would pray for boobs. I mean, every night. My sister got them at 14, and by 16 I was still passing as 12. Well ladies and gents, be careful what you pray for! Height isn't the only thing I got in college.
5. 2 of my teeth are fake. I had "peg" teeth, which means they only grew in 1/2 the width they were supposed to and died. I pray every night that Ava gets Chris's teeth--even though they are HUGE!
6. I am double jointed in my thumbs and can bend them all sorts of disgusting ways.
7. last one..hmmm better make it good. I belong to a band that doesn't really exist. It's called 2 SHORTIES AND A MORMON. It was formed my junior year of high school of myself and my 2 best friends. at the time we were all about 4'10-4'11. We were inseparable. Our friend John created the name. One of them, VAL, is coming to my house for Thanksgiving. It'll be the first time I haven't seen her since my wedding reception in 2005.

The seven people who I tag are Becca, Nat, SaJ, Travis, Leah, Blake, and Kira.


Bilary said...

Do you think if I start praying for boobs that I'll get some? Maybe that's the trick.

Kiralyn said...

I prayed for boobs but it never happened! And then the little ones I got didn't even work right! lol! Blake said he can't remember you ever popping your toes-wierd since you lived with us and all! I totally remember the toe popping, I was jealous because I totally had to bend over and do it the old fashioned way!

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