Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Yeay for hilary and rants

Today has been an extremely stressful day. My abililty to handle said stress, by the way, is ever more diminishing, only making the ever growing stress, seem all the more---stressful.
Thankfully, Ava took her nap today without any coaxing. I have been so busy. Due to yesterday being Columbus Day, most of our clients came in to work today, thinking...gosh, I need me some leads and county info...and I got SLAMMED. Everything was needed by the end of the day...or end of the hour...and of course that meant that none of my programs wanted to function, resulting in the restarting of my computer about 15 times today. GA!

Props to Hilary who took about 30 seconds to fix my blog. Wow. Seriously. I played for days..and I mean...about 4 hours total trying to fix this stupid thing, and 30 seconds at her computer and it was back to being not boring. She's amazing. I'm pretty sure she has magical powers. It explains everything.

Chris is in charge of dinner tonight. I can't possibly handle anymore stress. We're leaving for Montana this weekend, and he almost wasn't able to come with us--yes this is why my day felt so stressful, because I was thinking...oh goodness a 7 hour drive with Ava all by myself. Or the $1200 ticket to Montana. SERIOUSLY??!?! it's a 1 hour flight. WHY IS IT $1200?!?!? If I go in two weeks it's only $400. What's the line in Toy Story 2? You are seriously taking advantage of people in a hurry? my gosh! What a racket--I mean REALLY!!! Shouldn't they WANT to sell the empty seats?? Shouldn't the price go DOWN the closer to the date you schedule? I mean...given the option of leaving Thursday for $1200 or in two weeks for $400, I think you're goin to have one very empty seat. GOSH!

Clean out Car
Pack clothes that are able to become smoke filled without remorse--my g-ma is a chain smoker
Get Snacks
Fill Gas tank
Kill the fly that keeps appearing
Rent DVDs like MAD for never ending road trip

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Bilary said...

You are funny. So, what did Chris make for dinner? I'm glad he took care of that for you. Cold cereal always works in our house when I have had a crappy day.:)

And you figured out my secret - I am magic! Dang, no more fooling people into thinking I have a brain. It is all about magic (hey, once you've pushed out four kids, it is magic that you can think at all!:))

Let me know if I can help you with your trip.

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