Monday, October 6, 2008

taggety tag tag

I was Tagged!

I was taged by Mary.

1. I am left handed-but play sports with my right leg, arm, hand etc

2. I met my husband in PA while he was serving a mission. My boyfriend at the time would go out on splits with him. My BF came back one day from splits and told me that I would marry Elder Cope. I said "Ugh first of he's a missionary and that's just weird! Secondly, he lives in Utah, and I'd never live there!"

3. When I was a little girl I would pretend to be Debbie Gibson and watch her live concert over and over. ELECTRIC YOUTH!

4. I do not eat fish unless it's prepared by my father-in-law. I hate fishy foods.

5.I do not like to take time off of work. Even though I have like 3-4 weeks of PTO hours built up, it really bugs me to know that I could be bringing in more money to pay off my stupid car, instead of ....

6. I'm very anal about keeping Ava's nose clean. I worked at a daycare and got my fill of gross runny noses. I can handle the pewk and the poop, but the snot makes me sick!

7. I love to dance with Ava to Billy Idol. I turn it on my itunes "Dancin with myself" and she grabs my hands and says DANCE! it's so fun!

I tag hilary, bec and nat--copy and paste and fill in the sentence...!


Amanda said...

I hate it when Caleb's nose is full of snot! He's got a cold right now and I swear I have suctioned his nose right off... poor kid.

Bilary said...

I loved this post! That was fun! GO DEBBIE GIBSON! I loved her as a kid.

I will get going on this post for my next post! This is fun!

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