Wednesday, October 8, 2008

yesterday i made a batch of rice krispie treats, and ate more than 1/2 the pan myself. today i'm making chocolate chip cookies. danger will robinson...the sweet tooth has set in. Baking is occuring on a daily basis. I was flipping through my better homes and garden cook book going...mmmm cheesecake brownies, maybe I'll make those tomorrow.
My mother-in-law makes the worlds--and i mean hands down--the world's best chili. she made it for conference sunday and i had probably 4 bowls. I've been craving it since. There's nothing like a bowl of Sandi's chili on a cool fall day. I think Becca and I out ate our hubbies that day. I want more!!!
Ava wakes up about 7am these days and immediately wants to go outside to play. She walks right up to me and says COME ON!!! and grabs my hand. Unfortunately I do not function properly before 9am. Yesterday, Hayden came over to play. It was really nice for her to have a friend here. I could work guilt free. They played blocks and colored and danced to Billy Idol. Today, ava went running out the door. I followed closly behind as she walked around the corner, and up the street, turning down Hilary's street. I asked where she was going. She said "Hayden House!" She knew which one it was!!! She walked right up to the door and knocked. We played again for about 45 minutes and then left for lunch...because I was suddenly starved at 11am. WEIRD! They play so well together. I love it!!! oh COOKIES are done! want a plate?


Becca said...

So remember how I said that we must be on the same brain wave-length or something? yeah I totally told travis the same day that you made rice krispy treats that I wanted to make them without even knowing that you were thinking the same exact thoughts. weird.
It's starting to creep me out.

Bilary said...

MMMM..Nothing like yummy home-baked food! And we are getting the perfect weather for it. I think I'll bake some yummies today just for fun too! I'm just glad that food is sounding good to you. The first trimester is so hard when everything makes you sick. Now that you are feeling better, I think it's time to make up for the things you didn't eat in the first trimester!:)

Crawford Family said...

crazy cravings! love it!

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