Thursday, October 23, 2008

Things that make the preggy pessimism no particular order

  • The knock on Ava's door every morning followed by "hewo??" and a big hug when I open it!
  • The hugs from Chris when he gets home from work
  • Surprise visits from Chris during the afternoon
  • The huge hug I get on the mornings that Chris gets Ava and brings her to me, because I have no desire to leave my lumpy mattress--despite its lumpiness.
  • Sunny days that mean Ava and I can venture outside for extended periods of time shoeless
  • Lana and Hayden's greetings to Ava anytime they see her...big hugs and lots of energy and excitement to tell us all about their exciting adventures of that morning.
  • Phone calls from Chris --his voice always soothes me.
  • Random and totally sweet kisses from Ava. Sometimes she grabs my face and lays one on me like she's from a 1940s's so hilarious and totally sweet.
  • Angie, Becca and Mindy being farther along than me...and therefore totally with me on my ironic and somewhat dark sense of humor that I have whilst pregnant.
  • Ava singing "I am a Child of God" and telling me that I can't sing with her.
  • Ava instructing me with an intensely furrowed brow "NO! A NICE!"
  • Ava insisting that I "SEEEET DOWN!" next to her while she colors, eats, and doodles on her doodle pro...she loves to have my attention.
  • FALL LEAVES!!!!!
  • Dave Ramsey podcasts that aren't about government bailouts
  • Feeling my baby move...even the kicks to the bladder aren't all that bad.
  • a million other things that I'm too tired to remember. Mostly, this is for me to look up on days, hours, moments when I'm not feeling so swell.


Bilary said...

Those sweet little ones definitely brighten a day. I love the sweet things that Ava does with you and for you that make you smile. She is a sweetheart.

Blake said...

A lot of these would be great! They are silmilar to mine. I recall a talk form a primary general president in one conference where she said that children are the joy of the Lord and with your list and with my own they truely are.

SarahJo said...

That is the best list! I misses yo family!!

PS I have a blog!

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