Saturday, March 10, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday Simon

If you've known my Si-guy for long, you know he has a thing for his boots. Boots that his sister received for her birthday when she was 2 1/2. Yeah it was the ONE year that I actually was on the ball and did Ava's party in the summer like I always say I will...but haven't since. Anyway...

The boots-pictured above, were rarely ever worn by Ava. She was more into the glass slippers that are also pictured above. However, the moment Simon decided to start walking, he claimed her boots. He put them on one day, his tiny size 3 feet into these size 7 boots and never looked back. He's been wearing them for 2 years, but sadly, the kid is about to out grow the boots. We have been struggling to get his feet into them the last couple of weeks. So, today, for his birthday...he was given NEW BOOTS!

But, it wasn't JUST new boots. It was an entire outfit. Wrangler jeans, belt buckle, shirt, hat and boots. He immediately wanted them on, and as soon as he was done said "I need a horse!"*yes the hat was too small for his giant head--and will be exchanged for a LARGE*

Clearly this is his signature photo face these days! I loved his birthday. The weather was PERFECTION! I made him pancakes this morning with a side of Flavor Blasted Extreme Cheddar Gold Fish. We set out at 12 for Union Station and spent 1.5 hours climbing trains, playing trains, talking TRAINS. Then we headed to Vintage Cupcake on 25th street for DIVINE cupcakes (chocolate cream cheese is my favorite--in case you're wondering) We got home about 2 and he took his nap. *(lunch is over rated right?) After naps, we grabbed some cheeseburgers and chocolate milk and went to Syracuse family fun center for bowling with the Toponces. MOST.FUN.EVER. Simon had never been before, and neither had Ava. He loved it. We will be doing this again very soon! Simon got 2nd place with 101. The kid had like 3 strikes. It was amazing. Then, we came home to the most delicious chocolate cake ever made by my dearest friend and mother in law-Sandi Cope. Who, by the way, loved on my twin babies most of the day so that we could have all of these fun adventures with Simon and Ava. The babies really needed love time with their Granni, and I really do believe that Simon and Ava needed a day with their mommy and daddy focused on them and their needs exclusively. Thank you so much, Granni, for all of your hard work. For the Thomas party goods and the best freaking cake in the world. An ADORABLE outfit, and boots that are sure to don the feet of our Simon for another 2 years. Today would have been a complete bust without you. So from all of us, we thank you for an amazing Simon birthday. BESTDAYEVER!

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Ashley Barnett said...

Happy Birthday to the cutest little boy ever...I miss you all and wish I could have been there to help you celebrate.