Saturday, March 31, 2012

perfect day

It's hard to believe that today turned into the perfect day. It started out perfectly anxious, but I honestly believe that through the prayers of our family, it became perfection.

Wednesday, Austen had his first breakthrough seizure. Thursday, Carter had one too. Then Austen had 5 more. Thursday was a very long and trying day. It's difficult to watch someone you love struggle and know there is nothing you can do to make it end. This morning, he had 2 more. One at 3 am and another just before 10. So, I put in a few calls to the doctor, and while waiting for a call back, requested a blessing for the boys. Ryan and Carl from our main Inwest office, stepped up to the task. Forever grateful for these fellas! We loaded up and walked over to the office and they administered beautiful blessings to each of the boys. Then, they made them smile. It was the first time I'd seen my boys personalities in 72 hours. Then, Keri offered to meet us at the doctors while the boys had their blood drawn. Dr Gagner had ordered labs for phenobarb levels to be checked to see if we were going to need to redose, or just wait out the storm.
After a few pokes the boys were successful in their lab draws (horray) and we headed off to the Nature park in Syracuse. We LOVED it here and will be doing family photos for the Toponces here very soon! (happy dance) The kids loved it too, but the fishermen were not all that excited for our noisy bunch, so we traveled onto the park by Keri's house for the playground. The sun broke from behind the clouds, and perfection melted into our day. We spent the next FOUR HOURS playing with the kids. Laying on the grass. Watching clouds. Photographing baby feet. Building sand castles. Laughing. Loving. Living. I love days when I am inspired and pick up my camera and then come home and it's exactly perfect. No editing required. Keri offered to take pictures of me with my kids. I love them!!!

What started as what I was sure to be another stressful and sad day, became a perfectly wonderful, lovely, beautiful day. Thank you to all our family and friends for your prayers. They were heard. They were answered. And we, in turn, were truly blessed!

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Understanding Prematurity said...

That's such a beautiful answer to prayers. Glad to know that people are there to carry you when needed. And laugh when you need that, too :) Hugs