Sunday, March 18, 2012

little silly leprechaun

I have the BEST twins in the world! They've been everywhere this week and have been 100% cooperative with hanging in their new double stroller. (Carter and Austen-in that order)

So, this week has been pretty awesome. I mean--let's start with the incredibly weather. 70s? Sun? Yes please! This encouraged me to be quite adventurous, and I have to admit--I'm a tad burned out.
Thusday we spent a few hours at the West Haven park. This will be our major destination this year during great weather. Sand. Swings. Slides. Space to run and explore. YES! Becky and Hannah and little Ethan joined us. Can I take a moment to be mushy? The last year has been really hard on my two oldest. The last few months some amazing women (Rachel, Becky and Keri) have really made my life happier. I love these women and their kids. I couldn't ask for better friends for my kids and I'm so blessed that they take time to hang out with me and my kiddos. Heaven knows things get crazy and they love me in spite of it. There's nothing sadder as a mom to see your kid be lonely, to have her say "I just wish I had some friends.." Ava said these words to me just a few months ago...and now this is her life. Friends. Play dates. Laughter. So, Thank you for putting up with my insane self and letting your girls and boys love my girl and boys! I see many park adventures in our future.
We had a really fun week with the kids-especially since this is the first year we've hunted for leprechauns. Ava's kindergarten class had a fun day on Thursday trying to catch them, so Friday she and Jackie were hunting all over Jac's house for them. The silly leprechaun kept leaving little clues Ava and Jacs made some adorable traps. Keri and I got some cute ideas from pintrest (I'm starting to see the appeal of this site) and set off to target. We are shopping soul mates. We have the exact same tendencies that drive 96% of people in our lives crazy. Any time I want to go window shopping or real shopping, I now know who to call. We had a blast!
What did I learn from my first year of really celebrating St. Pattys Day? The idea of a leprechaun going potty in the toilet really freaks Ava out. She wasn't at all wanting green pee in her toilet. And she was sure to let him know that a green toilet bowl meant he'd get no gold.
It's all in the hunt. Having Mr. Leprechaun come first thing in the morning is really anti-climactic. Next year, he'll be coming in the afternoon after a whole day of hunting. Also, our leprechaun was a "helpful" guy. He snuck into Ava's room and bathroom and cleaned. This is something I think I will keep up for next year. Also, rainbow cupcakes are fun, but addictive. Thus my current sugar high.


Ashley Barnett said...

Those cupcakes are awesome and so is the idea of hunting leprechauns...Carter and Austen are so adorable and I can't wait to see more pictures of them. Wish I could have been there for the hunt. Miss you all!!

Blake A said...

so great shots and I love the blue eyes. It does make him look a little like a leperchaun

Sandra said...

so awesome that you're starting such a fun tradition!!1