Monday, March 5, 2012

Mom Exhibit.

We've moved. again. We are now renters in a beautiful townhome. We moved over Valentines Day weekend. The first week, I was so awesome. I mean...epicly so. Laundry was being done in all stages. Every room was perfect before my head hit the pillow. Life was Mary Tyler Moore. And then, the sickness hit. Enter CHAOS.
I have spent the last week tripping over my feet *(and their toys) trying to restore order. I'm not sure it's even possible. I am making progress though. Today I managed to clean the bathrooms, kitchen, floors and thankfully the kids have kept their rooms clean the past 2 days. (a 5 hour battle of we're not leaving for playdates until your toys are cleaned up seems to have been well worth the hell). So now we are down to my room and bathroom-which are buried in laundry and "stuff." Looking at it, my brain can't even classify what it all is beyond "stuff." Laundry "stuff" Baby "stuff" somewhere are the papers for my taxes that still need my attention. Funny how the promise of a massive tax check refund isn't even enough to make me fill out the endless questionaires. And the bathroom-there's the hospital suctioner we have for Austen, the globs of shampoo Simon insists that he's "cleaning" the tub with. Oh wow. Thanks kid. The amazing closet, and the pile of clothes that need hung that are tucked in the corner in a nice pile. Let's do this.........mmmmmm Maybe I'll take a nap first, if only I could figure out how to get to my bed, and where it is under all this ..."stuff."

before and after photos to come.

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Julie said...

I think you did a lot in one day. I was feeling pretty good for getting the laundry done and the kitchen clean. We did make the kids help clean the living room before bed time, but that is it for one day for me. You are doing great. Just remember that poem that talks about how cobwebs will keep but kids won't.