Saturday, May 19, 2012

dad's little guy

Even though this is a year old, it's my FAVORITE of these two!

Lately, Simon has become extremely attached to Chris.  He sneaks into our room at 4 or 5 am.  In the past, he'd just wake us up and want to play.  Now, he just wants to snuggle up to him most mornings, so that daddy could keep him safe from whatever is scaring him at the mornings.  Most mornings,  I hear Simon cry out "I want more snuddles daddy!" and he wraps his chubby little hands around Chris's neck and refuses to let go.  He begs to go to work with daddy, or just anywhere. "Pweese daddy, pweese. I need your snuddles. I want to go wif you. I wuv you daddy!" over and over.  Chris was nervous, before we had Simon, that he'd have a son that was interested in all the things he never was.  And that his son would think he was lame.  But that couldn't be more wrong.  Simon adores his dad.  he wants to be JUST like him.  He tackles him. He hugs him. He cries for him.  He laughs for him.  He chases him around the house and follows him everywhere.  Simon loves to be a transformer, puppy, pteranodon, but mostly...he just loves to be Daddy's little guy.

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