Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Lately, I struggle with sleeping at night.  Don't get me wrong. It's not about a level of fatigue...I just can't fall asleep.  I've tried everything, aside from drugs.  I'm getting close to popping a PM pill just to break the cycle.  For some reason, my brain feels the need to run continuously.  This must end.  If you have any ideas, please...I beg you.  Share!

I bought a rice maker a few weeks ago.  Can I just say how in love I am with it?  It's been a couple of years since I've had one, and I am realizing that I really really missed it.  It makes perfect rice, every time.  All I have to do is push the button down. No settings. No issues. Easy clean up.  It's better than a toaster. 

 My grandma Molly took a fall a couple of weeks ago, and is in the hospital.  My grandma HATES the hospital. I know what you're thinking...all Grandmas hate it there.  But no, she hates it more.  She's a chain smoker.  She goes through a few packs a day, easy.  There are not enough patches in the pharmacy to settle her need for nicotine.  Plus, there's the fact that no one can sleep - because nurses have to check on your every hour to be sure you're alive.  I love nurses. I love night nurses most-because I know many and they rock.  They are who ensure people live.  So to the extent that my grandma hates you night nurses, we love you, and then some.  She's getting severely depressed, as she's looking to be in there a long time.  She broke 4 bones in her back, including the tail bone.  So, Ava and Simon put on their Doctor dress up today and we are making her some Get Well Cards.  Cheesy? Yes! But she's asking to just let her die, so we're really just trying to remind her to fight.  That she's loved and not alone.  To get a decent picture of my Si-Guy requires about 30000 attempts.  The kid's #1 phrase to me is "No, I don't want you to take my picture!"  Plus, when he is in the mood, he blinks at all the wrong times.  But, I am excited that he was extremely photogenic as a doctor.  He wore it all day.  ALL. DAY!  I'd better start a coin jar for med school. 

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Julie said...

Wish I had some advice about the sleeping thing. I am dealing with that as well.

The get well cards are so cute. Your grandma is going to LOVE them!!