Tuesday, May 29, 2012


From time to time, Chris has really insane nights.  And by insane, I mean he thrashes all about in his sleep.  Once, he jumped out of the bed onto the dresser.  I've been punched a time or two over the last 7 years, as his arms flail about.  It can get pretty wild.  It's not very often, maybe twice a year, however, I've been in the way enough that it freaks me out to have the babies in bed with us sometimes.  I had fallen asleep with Austen in bed, when I woke to Chris thrashing about  just slightly.  I didn't want to take any chances, so I scooped up Austen, and carried him to the pack and play and set him next to Carter.  Well, that was not Carters favorite idea.  I must have interupted the worlds greatest dream and disrupted his comfy zone, because he woke up and woke up MAD.  Carter is my sweet gentle happy child.  The only time I've ever seen him mad, aside from tonight, is before a big seizure.  I tried feeding, rocking, burping.  I did get one pretty good sized belch out, but he was still ticked.  I took him downstairs, and it seemed the only way he relaxed is if I was holding him against me, walking.  Suddenly, inspiration hit a good 30 minuets into my pacing--a Snugli.  I strapped it on and have been walking around the kitchen for the last hour.  The screaming stopped. Calm.  And it looks as though he finally is back to sleep.  I'm not sure what it is about the snugli.  Maybe it's the way it positions them that makes the tummy pain subside, But, when Ava would have inconsolable times as a baby, strapping her into the snugli and walking 99% of the time did the trick.  I also hit him up with a small dose of advil.  The question now, is, do I dare take it off, or should I just lay on the couch with him strapped to my chest???

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Phil and Cami said...

That's whe you sit down in a recliner and zonk out whith hi, strapped to you! I have a wrap I made that's just like a Moby and I carry my boys in there ALL the time. I used to take it to church with Caed because he didn't want to sleep there. I'd put him n the wrap bounce around a little and knock him out. Then I'd sit back on a chair and enjoy Sunday school and relief society! And, you can use them with twins at the same time!!