Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I have to admit, it's taken me 6 years to fall in love with the Heiner Cabin.  Everyone always talks about how much they love it there, and the wonderful adventures they have.  However, for me, it always meant screaming babies-who refused to sleep in an odd enviornment. Swelling eyes from some random Ava allergy.  Coming home with allergy coughs which turned into colds.  I almost dreaded the cabin.  That is, until last fall.  Maybe it's that my kids were finally old enough to go on walks and explore the child magic found in the woods of the cabin.  Maybe it's that after 3 years I know to start allergy meds 48 hours before we even leave, and administer them religiously while there, sleep in warm clothes and far from windows, or Nat.  Last fall we had a magical cabin weekend. I didn't want to leave.  It was full of moments that I love like Simon and Melyn wandering off hand in hand down dirt trails, family walks to the water to throw rocks, feeding horses ...
This weekend is the summer cabin weekend.  I'm both excited and admittedly scared. How can this weekend possibly measure up to the magic of last year?  I have two new babies to introduce to the cabin.  Will they sleep?  Will they love it?  Will Ava's allergies be calm like last year, or freak out and cause us some medical journeying into the next down?  I hope it is amazing. I hope to discover the diner. The zip line. The creek. You see, there is so much about the cabin I haven't explored.  And this weekend....the adventures continue.

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