Saturday, July 28, 2012

day 2-ripped in 30

Last night, the stars aligned and by 9pm I was able to do day 2 of my workout.  It was easier than day 1, for sure.  I still felt that I might pass out, but the need to vomit had passed.  I still dripped with sweat. Gotta love it.  Chris asked if it is a workout just for women, which I assured him it was not.  I told him to grab some weights next time and join me.  I'm only using 3 pound weights at the moment, because I'm weaksauce!  I'll work my way up to 5s and then 8s.  I figure I'll do this round with 3. and the next 30 days move up etc.  I took a side view shot, because this isn't about losing numbers on the scale.  This is about losing inches. Ok ok, so I'd be excited if the scale read 20 pounds lost ...but really, it would be great not to look pregnant anymore.  Ava said last nigh "Wow mom, you're doing great. Your tummy isn't as fat and looks more like mine." Thanks kid ;) then she prayed that I'd exercise in her bed time prayers. Love her!

I have to say, that Chris Powell, from Extreme Makeover-weightloss and his clients are so inspiring.  I love to watch it.  It's amazing to watch these people change so much in a year.  I mean in 3 months, most of these people are dropping 80-100 pounds.  They are over coming food addictions, physcological triggers that lead to unhealthy habits, and working out multiple hours a day.  When I'm 10 minutes into my dvd and feel like I don't have enough to finish, I think of these amazing people, and Chris Powell's encouraging words to them about believing in onesself and I'm able to finish it out strong.  The script on Ripped in 30 -at least week 1-is pretty hilarious.  Sometimes Jillian even has a hard time getting through it, however, in her cool down I find some wisdom.  "Most people don't show up in their own lives.  Transformation isn't a future destination."  If I want to change, it takes daily effort.  Not every day is going to be perfect.  Not every week is going to be a 6 workout week.  But everyday that I choose to continue, and not give a success.

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