Monday, July 2, 2012


Last week, I think my kids and I were only home during the late pm to early am hours.  I purposely had us running around from place to place.  My google calendar was even exhausted.  I've heard several times " I don't know how you do it.  You're always here and there and going from fun thing to fun thing." 

Here's the truth.  As exhausting as it may be to have multiple outings and be gone all's so much less so than being home most of the time.

Why? How?

Well, when I'm home, I'm surrounded by all the things that need done.

  1. Toilets. Seriously, the hard water here is creating some nasty rings that only a pair of gloves and a pumice stone will remedy.  This requires at least 5-10 minutes per toilet of no "MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM".   And I know the moment I shove my hand into that toilet, at least one-if not two boys will need me immediately, and someone will end up slathered in toilet water. gross.
  2. Laundry.  My garage is full of it. Why?  Because, the kids have potty accidents, and then their clothes are in the car. Then the car gets cleaned out into the garage, and the next thing I know, my garage could pass as a laundry room.  I'm excited to say that this morning, I rummaged through the "clean out the car" piles and located said laundry and it's currently in a load of warm water with extra soap and some vinegar.  
  3. Dishes. To look at my counter and sink you'd think "eh, that's not so bad." The problem isn't in the kitchen. It's that they are in every OTHER room of the house.  Not to mention, I have no idea whats in the dishwasher or if it's been run lately. 
  4. Over all clutter. You know, those happy meal toys that my kids swear they can't live without. $200 of Thomas trains. A colossal amount of crayons. And for some reason about 3 bags of random wrappers and empty boxes Ava couldn't part with that are technically garbage. 
  5. The piles of clothes that need to be put into boxes or bags for the DI and then actually transported to the DI.  I think every neighborhood should have a giant dumpster that a DI truck could just come empty every week.  This would really result in me actually donating more items on a regular basis, and really help the laundry situation, as most of the DI pile ends up back in the laundry somehow - washed, folded, and never worn, only to be placed back in the washer. Hate it. HATE IT. 
I could go on, but you see where I'm going with this.  So why sit and blog about it instead of doing something about it? Oh there's the phenomenon.  1st of all, writing it out is cathartic.  It helps me to deal with this, accept that there is indeed a problem, and hopefully let someone else out there know that insanity is all around.  Secondly, the kids don't seem to all need me at once until I'm actually attempting to accomplish something.  We all know how that is.

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Julie said...

Don't worry, you are not alone. My house only looks as good as it does because my mom was just here when the baby was born. (For the toilets, have you tried denture cleaning tablets, I've not tried them but I hear they work really well and you don't have to scrub as much. Might be worth a try.) Just keep holding on. You will get past this.