Monday, July 23, 2012


blogging from the ipad....not my favorite thing, but at this hour i really cant be picky. so i think the time has come for me to start working out again. im scared, admittedly. i am sure that im probably in the worst physical shape of my life. having twins does a real number on the body. pair that with a sugar love affair ive been indulging the past 8 months and its no wonder that all of my measurments down the front of me are the same. i should feel stronger than i did a few months ago. after all im carrying two babies at once, and piggy-backing a 3 year old. but honestly, i feel run down and breathless. i have no energy to speak of. true the sleep issues in this house are a factor of my fatigue, but i know its also because i eat a lot of garbage and my veins bleed 85% dr pepper. i bought a jillian michaels dvd. even though her script is rediculous, i love her workouts, because i know its only 2 minutes of cardio at a time. the whole routine is only about 20 minutes and its super effective training for my body. id love to go to a class, but the truth is ill be lucky to find the 25 minutes everyday to do this. so my goals....i dont expect to "be ripped in 30 days." i do hope and aim to stop being horrified by my reflection. to climb the stairs without getting light-headed. to focus on inches lost rather than weight. to go through a 24 hour period without daydreaming of my next sugar fix. i know i cam do this. i have done it before-two years ago. the strength, will power, drive and commitment are all in me somewhere. its time to take back my body!


Blake A said...

You got a lot going on with those kids! We dont have as many or twins for that matter but we feel the same way.

I think my blood is 92% diet coke at this point.

We all give up so much to be parents and run households. It is challenging and tough! Hang in there and you will see blessings along the way!

Ashley Barnett said...

I wish we could do this together. I have been struggling to get back to where I was 2 years ago as well. I know you can do this and wish you all the best of luck in keeping up with it.

Miss you all and love you guys!