Thursday, July 5, 2012

uniform debate

I understand the pros of uniforms. Really, I  do.  As a kid that grew up in hand me downs not only from my sister, but from the snobby family, who shall remain nameless, and whos daughter openly mocked me for wearing said hand me downs, I would have loved everyone wearing the same thing. That way, spotting me wearing your old clothes would have been harder.  However, I can't help I've spent the past two months looking at different suppliers of uniforms...of how DORKY they can be.  I'm sure there are people that pull them off, hello most teenage boys day dream of a chick in uniform, but I've never really had the flair of effortless fashion.  Effortless weirdo, dork, etc is more my forte.  I may or may not have actually watched some youtubes with titles resembling "how to look cool in a uniform". So much shame.
Chris has always told me that it's all in how a person carries themselves.  Confidence. etc. and if that's true then Ava will be awesome in anything.  I just ........ gah I feel the angst for her.  And as her mom I feel like I'm supposed to guide her but I have such a slight grasp of the world of accessorizing and fashion and feel so entirely not up to the task. So I am making this plea.  It takes a village to raise a child, so I'm calling you out village folk.   If you find a sweater, belt, head band, pants or top that fit in these guidelines and would be awesome...please PLEASE send it to me.  Ava is really excited, but anxious about starting big school.  I want her to feel confident about her style, albeit uniform based, so that she can go in there and shine like the star we all know her to be.


Sandra said...

I don't think I would know where to begin. But Mark Heiner's wife is a pro at this. Are you Facebook friends with Jenny Heiner? She always posts such cute pics of her kids in their uniforms. They attend a charter school in St. George. :)

Amanda K said...


Deborah said...

Size...that's an interesting question amanda. See, this weekend we set out to go Store to store to buy stuff. She's been in a 6 for months and months. However, Old Navy was the only store out of 5 that had anything in stock, when we brought home 6 slims, they fit perfectly on her legs and waist, but the pants were like 4 inches too long. So now i'm on the hunt for 5 slims, which they don't sell in store. The shorts just fell right off of her, even though they were slims. Maybe I should start supplementing all of her meals with protein shakes...oh wait, I already do