Wednesday, December 22, 2010

3am party

Simon took a 4 hour nap this afternoon, which at the time I thought "good, he really needs the sleep." He has a sinus infection, and hasn't been feeling well due to teething new molars.

3am hits, and BAM the kid is ready for action. It's been an hour, and he's not slowing down. So, of course, I am running our recent images Dec 16-current through DXO and have downloaded a trial version of Lightroom 3, because Lightroom 2 doesn't support our new camera. Also, DxO does not have our favorite lens as an option yet, so it can't read any image captured with the D7000 and the 35 mm. The downfall of getting a camera hot off the presses.

All I want is to give people the images they are asking for. 300 updates and installs later...ugh. sometimes I wonder if this photography gig is really for me. I just want to take fun pictures. I need some serious formal education on these editing programs though. I feel so completely out of my element in them sometimes, and the user manuals...I may as well study the Japanese section, because the English is just as clear to me.

I'm going to attempt to convince Simon that it's time for the party to end and sleep to begin

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