Tuesday, December 14, 2010


OOOOOOOOOOOh Winter and your every 20 day illness cycle. Seriously. Today I had a sneeze stuck for what seemed forever, it was a few hours. Since there's no sun to be had in this grey grey Wasatch Front December day, I had no choice but to keep staring up at my lights, hoping it would help the sneeze. Nothing. So I finally walked away from the tissue box, resolved that this sneeze would never come and then BAM
three head bangingly HUGE sneezes right in a row. Simon laughed so hard. I'm sure I looked ridiculous. It about knocked me off my feet. I ran to the bathroom to wash my hands, unaware that my sneezing fit was only beginning. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaachooooo forehead colliding with the faucet. 3 more followed. So, it appears, the stuck sneeze was so immensely irritating, because it was, in reality, a slew of sneezes. I'm lucky that I didn't knock myself out when I sneezed in the bathroom. I literally have no control of my body spasms when it comes to sneezing. In grade school, they called me Little Sneezer after the Tiny Toon mouse that would sneeze so loud and so hard things would blow away or explode.
The worst part about this cold, is that Simon has it. I mean, I'm used to Ava being sick. She's my little allergy girl. She's on her nebulizer every other week or so, due to gross dirty air, and whatever seems to be pollinating at the time. Simon, on the other hand, has never had anything but bad ear infections. This is his first time dealing with a croupy cough. It's so so sad. He's being a great patient though. He's super snuggley and doesn't fight too much when it comes to medicine time.

I'm fighting hard to not let this cold ruin my clean house routine. Seriously...I'm not sure who's winning right now...me or the cold. It might be a tie at the moment. I keep popping pills to make the congestion go away, but then I'm so fuzzy and dizzy from the meds, that I kind of walk around in circles. So, for those of you that manage to keep things in order when you feel like crap, what are some trade secrets? Come on! I'm back to work full time, long story...not really. Just boring actually. and I refuse to let my house go back to what it was. I love having no stress about laundry and dishes and etc. I guess you just buck up and do it anyway. You'll feel crappy lying down, why not feel crappy while loading the dishes? I have gone crazy with the Clorox wipes, and am wiping things constantly. And have gone through a bottle of sanitizer. NO MORE SICKNESS! So...in conclusion...please remember,

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