Monday, December 20, 2010

The Last Five Years

It's a littler surreal. Today is our 5th anniversary. I don't remember much of the day at all, but here are the flashes I can recall.

-Getting to Kira's at 9am to get my hair done, only to realize the hairspray is missing. Sent my parents--who had no idea where they were--to the store to get some. An hour later they return. Rush much?

--Stopping for Arby's on the way, because I was starving.

--Realizing I had forgotten my temple bag. Relieved that Chris hadn't left yet, so they could grab it for me.

--Sitting in the waiting room, being told by a cute little old man, not to worry. The he was sure my fiance would show up. It turns out Chris's family drove past the exit the first time around and almost made it to Salt Lake before realizing it.

--Chris stepping on my dress as we exited the elevator, and ripping my train.

--Hirschi-pronounced like Hershey Chocolate-was the name of our sealer.

--Never being so incredibly sure of anything in my entire life.

--Wondering why I decided I thought I'd be able to do my own makeup, and begging someone to go find Johannah.

--HOURS of photography, that by the way, we never ordered prints of. Seriously 900 pictures? Who can sit through that and decide?

--Wow! Chris's family really IS huge!

--JSMB flowers everywhere. Wondering if I was elegant enough to match the room.

Amazing food. Amazing friends.

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Sandra said...

I loved this day - every minute :) What a wonderful memory!

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