Monday, December 27, 2010

After the dust has settled

I wasn't going to do this. I was going to be in control. I had a plan. I had a budget. So, why, oh why am I afraid to log into my and face how very RED my Christmas budget bar will be? January is a time for resolutions. A time for change. and Thank the heavens, because oh my gosh...ikea blew my budget out of the WATER!

I became obsessed with the idea Chris had of changing his office into the playroom as a way for the kids to find Christmas morning. I stayed up until 4am on the 23rd and 24th to get everything perfect. It was worth it? It was worth it! I love it. It's adorable. I slept almost all of Sunday afternoon. Getting 4 hours of sleep over the coarse of 2 days, whilst battling a horrible, never ending 6 week cold, is a really really bad plan. But now, oh yes, now...we have a space for a movie room. We could have you over for movies. Or games. Or whatever, because now, you don't have to sit on the floor. Ok, technically you do still, because the couch doesn't come until the 8th.Isn't it lovely?! I have had my eye on this for over a year. It dropped during Christmas from $1199.95--hello NUTS, to $595 and I jumped. When we went into the store, the sign said $895 and my heart sank. I mentioned how on KSL, it was listed for $300 less. I pulled up the ad on KSL and he honored it. It still knocked the air out of me to drop that much on something, but considering it means 1. I can have friends over and 2. I don't have to lie on my basement floor anymore, I'm excited.

So now, it's back to being sane. I have daycare to pay for this year. *talk about the air being knocked out of you* $50/day since I have Simon and Ava going.

Pictures of Christmas as well as commentary to follow when I get home. Magical.

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