Friday, December 3, 2010

my thoughts on this bitter morning...

Today is day 3 of 'part time.' I am happy to report that my home is still clean!!!

so this is likely due to the fact that my kids are at someone else's house from 12:30-5. That makes a big impact on a home staying clean.

I was offered my full time position back yesterday. I decided to turn it down. I realized that I love love LOVE having the mornings be about being a mom and housewife. I know it sounds slightly 50s, but I like having the time to make the house a home. A safe, clean enviornment. it feeeeeeeeeels soooo much better. I may cry when the payday comes that shows my first decrease in pay, but hey--my 'chocolate' budget could stand a little rationing.

Chris is nearing the end of the semester. I can't believe we've made it. These two classes have been SO intense. Work at Inwest has picked up, and some times he's gone 6am to 11pm. He's been SO diligent to be 100% at work and with his classes. I'm incredibly proud of him. I've set up a day at the spa for him this Saturday to help ease his anxiety about finals week coming up Monday. I hope that it helps. If anything, it'll be a few hours that he isn't being needed by anyone. I know there are days that's my number one wish. just go somewhere and not be needed. Other days being needed is the only thing I want. but that's what makes me woman I guess ;)

May I take this moment to put in a plug for sudaphed. I woke up so incredibly foggy this morning with sinus pressure like I couldn't even believe. 2 little red pills and an hour later, and I was back to feeling human. Modern Medicine ladies and gents. I was not made for another time where it didn't exist. I was made for the easy to access pain meds generation. ;)

I have 99% of my Christmas shopping done...I say that because I never really feel done. Anyone with me on this? Right now, my mind is racing with more ideas. Charlie Brown, save me from this commercialism. ;)

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