Friday, December 17, 2010

Things I need to accomplish in the next hour

In a completely random order

-2 loads of Laundry--washed, dried, and put away.
-Load dishwasher-and get it sloshing away.
-Make beds
-Dress Ava and do her hair
-Gather miscellaneous crap from every room and put where it belongs.
-Operation Clorox wipe-down. Ava usually loves to help with this.
-Tame my "I forgot to brush my hair right after a shower" crazy hair
-Dress for work
-Pack up kiddos and their bags
-Drop off at Layton Bravo Arts Academy for all Ages
-head into the office until 4:30.

p.s I'm craving funeral potatoes and have all the ingredients. I dare not make it myself, as the last time I did was a horrible HORRIBLE turn out. Maybe you'll make them for me?! Eh? Eh?

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Sandra said...

I heard that Stacy was making them for the family party on Sunday - score!!!

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