Wednesday, December 1, 2010

part timer

Today was my first official 'part time' day.

I have been full time mom and full time marketer for 4 years. (marketer for over 5.) The past 3.5 years I've been working from home 'telecommuting' is what the hip kids call it. My job share buddy-Eric-is officially trained. And officially doing requests in the morning and marketing in the afternoons.

How I spent my first morning being 'just mom.'

Simon was up at 5. At 5:25, I finally woke Chris to see what time it was. Wasn't too shocked seeing as how this has been his favorite wake up time for almost a month. Seriously kid. you're killing me.

About 6, I went downstairs to get him a new diaper and made Chris and Simon scrambled eggs. Scrambled eggs are Simon's new favorite food. EVER. he'll eat every.single.drop. Chris is also a big fan of eggs in the morning.

I then let Chris take over and went back to sleep. *I'm soooooooooo not a morning person*

About 8ish I heard Simon crying. He was trying to get a diaper out of the package. He'd pooped. So, I put him in the shower with me. and his wheat thin box. Seriously, he bashed his head off the shower floor--purposely--until I allowed him to bring the cardboard box of crackers into the shower.

I decided at that point that I needed something to do. Clearly, he wasn't going to be napping....he had made his decision clear on that subject. So, I started cleaning. I laundered. Washing. Wiped. Vacuumed. Folded. Put Away.

I started a casserole. I was super proud that it was cooked and in the fridge waiting a reheat before 11:30. However, it was super super gross when dinner time came. so BOO to this.

By 12:30, the upstairs bedrooms were clean and all the laundry that had been washed had also been put away. I grant myself a gold star for that--because I HATE putting laundry away. My kids bathtoys were in a bleaching treatment, and the main floor was neat and scrubbed with dishes sloshing in the dishwasher water.

I got home about 5, and picked up my kids from my lovely Angie. *Major Plug here for Ang. She's watching my kids 4 hours a day. 4 days a week. AMAZING!* Her kids came over while she headed to work. If we don't both lose a good 10 pounds from our crazy'll be..........well just cruel really.

I've been up and down and down and up my 26 stairs more times than I can count. I now understand how Hilary is so freaking thin.

Special thanks here to Hilary and Angie and all my other friends who keep a clean house. You inspire me. Seriously. Sure, I know it's not perfect all the time. I've seen some days that kids have won the battle---but you really have shown me that a mom can win now and then...and more often than not, as long as I stay hydrated.

I hope to keep this up. I love having a clean house--although you wouldn't have known it the last year or so. I feel so much better in a clean house, and I swear everyone is happier too.

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