Sunday, September 6, 2009

grease up them elbows...

This Saturday was KK's party. It was so much fun. We met at Copperton park for hotdogs, presents, cake and play time. We raced home to meet with super star Realtor, Nancy Watkins. She walked through our home with us, giving us suggestions on what we need to do to get it market ready. Chris wants to be able to cut hours at work to attend full time school next year, so we'll be needing to move. My income cannot support us while living here in this house. We've loved our time here, but in order for Chris to be able to move on with his education and career, we need to move on from our home. We got some great suggestions. I have lots of elbow grease ahead of me, starting yesterday! ;0) It's incredibly scary, but we know it's the right move--no pun intended. If anyone knows how to replace a Formica counter top, and you'd like to share your's welcome! Aside from paint, the countertop is the only thing we need to replace. I put new curtains up on the back door, and WOW what a difference. They are black out ones and the kitchen is SO much cooler this morning. Thank you Hilary for the reference to Eclipse curtains at Wal*Mart. They were 1/2 the cost of everywhere else-even

Ew I just found 4 bites on the under part of my bicep. Yeay for weeding my driveway.

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