Wednesday, September 9, 2009 update my progress on my task list for today

I did have a busy day of Inwest work. Not hellishly crazy, but busy enough to make my lappy feel like it was going to burn through my thunderous thighs.

Commissary trip with my folks was successful.

Ava stayed dry all day, until she pooed in her Ariel undies. She hasn't quite caught onto pooping in the potty. EW! She also went down at like 6:30 and is still out as of 12:15am. Dare I admit that outloud? Chances are, her bed will be wet in the morning.

The meeting with the Dave Ramsey ELP Realtor. I was impressed...more so than I thought I would be. I wanted to vomit all over the FATCO folder he had...but somehow managed to choke back all my hatred for them and focus on being courteous. (but really, he knows I work for Inwest you HAVE to bring that garbage into my house?) I'll be sure to hand off some Inwest Folders should we meet again. Chris and I were 99% positive we'd list with Nancy, but Nate had a lot to offer, and made one heck of a presentation. He gave us referrals for a painter and cleaner, and we're far more torn than we expected to be. Prayer and much thought to come. I kind of want to cry. I have no idea what to do. Chris has gone into the land of denial. He doesn't seem to grasp the fact that we have 1 week to get the house ready to list. ONE week. And maybe a good 30 days of great weather left before the weather and market get cold. I kind of want to grab him by the shoulders and scream AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH HELP ME!!!! but, instead, I put that insanity to work organizing.

The office was my main task of the day. Oh dear office. We packed up 10 boxes of books, and logged which books were in each box-a Chris mandate-so that he can find a book should he need a specific one. 10 boxes later, and there are still probably 2 boxes worth of books still needing packed. A box of DVDs as well. This office doesn't look any less insane than it did a few hours ago. Winegars manager told me if I come out about 10am, that I can have their boxes before they dump them. Hopefully, with some larger boxes, I can make great progress. I got the downstairs bathroom packed up-sans essentials etc extra toilet paper...and hair/tooth brushes.

Simon had a hard day today. He's had some issues with digestion the last couple of weeks. We recently tried prune juice, but he doesnt' drink more than 1/2 ounce before quitting. I finally asked Chris to administer a blessing to help calm and ease his pains. He fell asleep soon after. He'd been fussy the majority of the day, and hadn't been able to nap at all due to discomfort. His ped. is on maternity leave, and Ava's ped is only on days, so getting into her is a 3 week wait. The doc they have covering Simon's is not someone I'd want to take my kid to ever again.

Ok, well...I'm going to shower. Brush my teeth. And hopefully, relax enough to sleep. I'm so tense about getting things packed so we can paint and photograph......I can do this!


Candace said...

I can't believe your moving. It sounds like it is going to be a good move for your future though. Kudos to you both on making such a tough decision!

The Knickerbockers said...

Seriously, Caleb had some awful digestive problems. You might want to try some miralax for a few days, just to get things going. Good luck!

Simon Sanchez Family said...

Try Miralax for the tough digestion! Dissolves in liquid and works well, but it takes a half day to a day to kick in. use about a half of a capful in a cup of any liquid.
It's the only thing that worked for Joshua.

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