Tuesday, September 8, 2009

labor day

Today, being labor day, we worked our butts off! We picked up Becca's old bed frame from Sandi's shed. It needed a good power wash, as it's like 20 years old, but looks FAB! in Ava's room. Thank you sweetheart for setting that up. The day consisted of...
  • tearing down wall paper in both kid rooms
  • organizing both kids' closets, sorting out clothes that are too small
  • vacuuming
  • throwing away all those tiny annoying pieces of trash that seem to collect in kid rooms.
  • scrubbing down the kitchen cupboards with special oil
  • scrubbing the front door and entry walls to free them of ball point pen
  • sorting the kitchen cupboards
  • organizing the kitchen pantry

oh and a few hours hanging out at Granni's house to celebrate Labor Day with Granni, Bec, Trav, Bryant. Ava fell asleep at Grannis, and stayed there during most of the above tasks. Thank you Sandi, for giving us that Ava-free time. It helped us be able to accomplish SO much in her room.

Tomorrow's agenda...
  • Returning to Work-Melissa has had her baby, so I expect this area of life to get way more stressful.
  • Lunch date with my Dad to the commissary to buy baby food at a discounted price tax free. Yeay for having a retired Major daddy! Years of no daddy weekends finally pay off. ;)
  • Meeting with the Dave Ramsey ELP for our area for an interview to see if he or Nancy is going to be our Listing Agent. I really love Nancy. She's THE super star. We'll see how the ELP measures up.
  • More packing and cleaning. My next target zone is Chris's office. Let's see if by the end of the day...all agenda items would have been successfully checked!
I need to send a special thank you to my sweetheart for putting up with me the past 2 days. I'm a very big go-go-go when I get the green light, and have been non-stop on getting the house ready to put up on the MLS. He's been so sweet, and patient with me.

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