Friday, September 11, 2009

So we had 2 painters come to do a quote on repainting the main level and upstairs prior to putting the house on the MLS. I was hoping that we could have them come next week, and we could be on the market by the 19th, however, fall=painting season and they are both at least a week out before they can start the job. *sad face* I believe we're going to choose Juan, who did our basement. He was fast, awesome and super cheap!!!! He has a good sense of humor too.
So, my new goal--is to 1. not pout about this and 2. make sure that I use this bonus week to be sure the house is spotless, packed and easy for a painter to manuver around, as to cut the number of days it would take to do the job. Juan is a lone painter, so it may take him a week worst case scenario. I have to just trust the Lord and these pros that things will be ok. Stacey says it will be worth it to have it perfect before listing. You never get a 2nd chance to make a first impression. Maybe this means I can find time for a nap---HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA. or a laugh. speaking of laugh...Ava is so bored these days she today climbed onto the table and played "loves me, loves me not" with my vase of daisys all over the table. yeay.

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