Wednesday, September 16, 2009

table staging

so after an hour of walking around the housewares department of kohls talking to myself, and approaching random strangers to ask them for advice, this is what I ended up with as the staging for my table. It turned out to be about $5 per group, which is pretty good. My staging budget is quickly diminishing and I still have so much to do.
I need towels for my upstairs bathroom still. I also need to find some mirrors and something to put up on the walls. Oh and something to put in my landing. I am stressed out, because decorating does not come naturally to me at all. I know if I got to Tai Pan, I could find good deals, I'm just not sure I'd ever find the exit. I'd wander in circles for hours with random things that make no sense whatsoever, with the demeanor of some recently escaped mental patient. This is what I get for giving my YW leaders such a hard time when they did crafts week after week after week. This is what I get for sneaking off with Dave Biernesser to race through the woods and do nothing at all exciting, although it seemed awfully so at the time...instead of attending the activity where they covered stuff like this. KARMA!

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Phil and Cami said...

Just FYI for towels. JC Penny usually has good looking towels. Their cheap ones can be as low as $5 during a sale. Also, Walmart has some fairly inexpesive towels that are very plush looking. I use them as decoritive towels in my guest bathroom...ok, I used to until we moved to the new house, now the bathrooms aren't really decorated yet. Good luck Deb!

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