Thursday, October 22, 2009

1 of many updates to come i'm sure

So...this morning Alpine Restoration came back to check on the progress of things. The fans and dehumidifiers have been running since about 11am yesterday. So far?
The vinyl needs ripped out of the kitchen. Which means it will be ripped out of the bathroom and hallway and laundry area too. The baseboards will come off as well. They are hoping that the walls will continue to dry upstairs.
Basement progress. The wall that the water ran down is an exterior wall=insulation. He's concerned about that. Insulation doesn't dry out as well as sheetrock and they may need to take out that wall to avoid it growing mold. YUCK! and the drop part of the ceiling in the basement is still wet, so they are going to put a fan under it to see if it'll dry out by tomorrow. if not that goes too. deep breathing. deep breathing.


Julie said...

I'm so sorry, that really stinks. Just hang in there. It will end. :)

Phil and Cami said...

This does really stink...but let's find at least one possitive here because I believe there is always something good in everything. (not that you don't find possitive, I just have one I thought of.)
At least you can add new flooring to your list of home stuff to lure buyers in. People like when there's new stuff. And hopefully insurance will pay for it!
I do wish you the best of luck with is a bummer.

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