Wednesday, October 21, 2009

and the floods came up

This morning, I woke to Chris screaming my name. I wandered down the stairs in a slumber, assuming he'd run out of toilet paper or something. Instead, as I reached the living room, my eyes shot open as my feet were WET! The kitchen and living room were flooded. Chris yelled something about tape and I rummaged to find the duct tape. The line for our ice maker had burst and spent the last 7 hours or so flooding our house. I called Alpine Clean up in Kaysville and they showed up about an hour later. Chris had shopvac out house for 2 hours by that point, and sucked up like...over 20 gallons of water. IN.SANE. I'm glad we called them. They put up giant fans and dehumidifiers. tore out the padding of the carpet. checked the walls. they'll be able to tell us later in the day how much will need actual replacing. all i can say is...yeay for homeowners. They said it could take a couple of days. So...I have a baby, a kid with a chest infection--on antibiotics so not contagious, but still has a horrendous sounding cough and a torn apart house. what was it sister jolly always told us at rehersal...LOOK FOR THE TRIALS...EMBRACE THEM! IT MEANS YOU'RE ON THE RIGHT TRACK.

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Bilary said...

Oh geez, the last sentence made me want to cry for you. You do not need another trial right now. So sotp doing things right, okay! Hehe. Let me know if I can help you!

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